Gravesite Cleaning & Preservation Service

This professional service includes a complete cleansing of the stone to the best possible condition, including:

  • Removal of dirt, foliage, and debris covering mausoleum, headstone or marker
  • Complete cleaning of all exterior sides, as well as slab if applicable
  • Detailed cleaning of engravings to best possible condition
  • Thorough rinsing and cleanup of area upon completion
  • Mist application of biodegradable biocide after cleaning to prevent future mold, lichen or algae growth
  • Complimentary before and after photos of the site to ensure your satisfaction with our performance (must have a valid e-mail address or mobile text number for this service)
  • Price typically covers cost of fuel and travel (see Guidelines)
  • Invoice receipt of services provided via e-mail or standard mail

Prices are based on gravesite stone type, size and condition. There may be an additional fee for tolls and mileage outside of a 50-mile radius of New Rochelle, NY (please consult our Guidelines page). Permit fees may apply at certain cemeteries. Statues, monuments, mausoleums, etc. require a $200 fee for an onsite inspection to provide a price quote. This fee will be deducted from any work performed on the inspected site.

Annual Follow-Up Service (Annual follow-up considered anytime within 14 months of prior service)

Annual follow-up service at a reduced rate; all statues, monuments, mausoleums, crypts, headstones, markers, etc. will be serviced at 75% of the initial rate.

Bronze Plaque & Historic Marker Refinishing

Bronze Plaque Restoration (typically on-site) includes:

  • Glass-bead blasting (or poulticing) to bare metal
  • Application of dark oxide (or custom color) background stain
  • Highlighting of letters, graphics & borders
  • Application of a clear UV-protected satin lacquer finish. 

Historic Marker Restoration (typically in-shop) includes:

  • Glass bead blasting to bare metal
  • JB Weld epoxy-fill holes/cracks (where appropriate)
  • Aircraft-grade pretreatment of aluminum material (where appropriate)
  • Overall primed for appropriate metal
  • 2 overall coats of Rustoleum custom base color
  • 2 highlight coats of Rustoleum custom color to raised lettering, logos & borders 

Contact us regarding any other services you wish to have performed, such as: plaque & marker mounting, monument repair/resetting, border piping/chain repair, weeding and trimming, or other optional maintenance.