Gravesite Services & Pricing

Gravesite Cleaning & Preservation Service Pricing (2021 season)

We accept payment in cash, check or money order. 

Prices listed are subject to increase based on gravesite size and condition. There may be an additional fee for tolls and mileage outside of a 50 mile radius of Sleepy Hollow, NY (please consult our Guidelines page). Permit fees may apply at certain cemeteries.

Standard Gravesite Cleaning & Preservation Service

This professional service includes a complete cleansing of the stone or bronze refinishing to the best possible condition, including:

  • Removal of dirt, foliage, and debris covering mausoleum, headstone or marker
  • Complete cleaning of all exterior sides, as well as slab if applicable
  • Detailed cleaning of engravings to best possible condition
  • Thorough rinsing and cleanup of area upon completion
  • Mist application of biodegradable biocide after cleaning to prevent future mold, lichen or algae growth
  • Complimentary before and after photos of the site to ensure your satisfaction with our performance (must have a valid e-mail address or mobile text number for this service)
  • Price typically covers cost of fuel and travel (see Guidelines)
  • Invoice receipt of services provided via e-mail or standard mail

Pricing: (prices based on granite memorials in good condition; other materials require site inspection or detailed photos)

Standard Upright Headstone $175, additional Standard Upright Headstones in same gravesite area $135; Double-width Upright Headstone $205.

Upright Foot/Slant stones, Flat Markers or Stone Plaques: $135, additional at site $110.

Refinishing of standard 1′ x 2′ bronze Footer/Marker: Restoration includes glass-bead blasting (or poultice) to bare metal, application of dark oxide background stain, highlighting of letters/graphics/borders, followed by a clear UV-protected satin lacquer finish:$385 (shipped), $495 (onsite). 

Statues, monuments, mausoleums, etc. require a $200 fee for an onsite inspection to provide a price quote. This fee will be deducted from any work performed on the inspected site.

Annual Follow-Up Service (Annual follow-up considered anytime within 14 months of prior service)

Annual follow-up service at a reduced rate; all statues, monuments, mausoleums, crypts, headstones, markers, etc. will be serviced at 75% of the initial rate.

Contact us regarding any other services you wish to have performed, including: monument repair/resetting, border piping/chain repair, curb/border repair, weeding and trimming around plot, flower arrangement placement, memorial placement, or other optional maintenance.