About Us

MonuMedic offers cleaning & preservation services of mausoleums, headstones, memorials, monuments, building facades and other historic structures using quality care and revitalization methods that use the gentlest and safest methods possible.  We typically follow U.S General Services Administration (GSA) Technical Preservation Guidelines for their proven procedures for the cleaning and preservation of historic structures.

We work on all stone material types. We also restore bronze statuary and refinish memorials, plaques, cast iron/aluminum DOT historic markers, and other varied metalwork.

Our fleet is capable of supplying our own source of filtered water for cleaning and rinsing of the jobsite. All stonework is done using soft bristle brushes and eco-friendly solutions that are specially formulated to remove environmental pollution, dirt, mold, lichen, and rust. Rinsing is performed with low-pressure hoses or pump sprayers, as pressure washers may cause irreversible damage to the engraved markings and surface finish of the monument. The eco-friendly solutions are also safe for the surrounding soil and vegetation. You can feel confident that we will employ the utmost care and concern, using approved materials that will not alter or damage the material.

Where conservation services may arise outside the standard realm of our work, such as stone engraving, casting of bronze repair/replacement of statuary, laboratory analysis of materials, site illumination, professional landscapers using indigenous plantings, historical society’s research; we are partnered with proven professionals who are specialists in the field of historic preservation.

All of our services come with detailed before-and-after photos for use in documenting the site for future reference, and to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our monument preservation service teams provide the quality work and care you deserve. We will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with each and every order.

We offer both one-time and scheduled packaged preservation services. Contact us!
Thank you for considering MonuMedic. We appreciate your business.